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Winter Wonder - D

Winter Wonder - D

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Custom Products

Skin Chemists London
Collagen Hair Mask with Shea Butter & Soy Protein
$85 rrp

Richly hydrating mask

No-one knows your hair better than you do - which is why SkinChemists of London has formulated this deeply hydrating mask to be used for as little as 5 minutes – or as long as 30 minutes. It’s up to you. The rich shea butter and soy protein work with collagen to replenish moisture in your hair and leave it feeling supple, textured and bursting with good health. You’ll feel and see the difference.

SkinChemists London has been formulating hair and skin treatments for over 50 years to make a difference to how people – like you – feel about themselves. And give you the confidence to know you are taking the best possible care of your most valuable asset – your skin’s health – and that includes your hair.


Wrinkle Cheater Eye Roller
$39.95 rrp

Ok so we’ve all got them. Crow’s Feet, Wrinkles, Laugh Lines. Apparently they’re a sign of a life well lived. But let’s face it – we’d rather not have toooo many of them. Enter Liar Wrinkle Cheater™ a completely natural formula which inhibits muscle cell contraction, thereby slowing the biological signs of ageing, revealing a smooth, brightened, more youthful complexion.

Launched in New York City at COTERIE in 2019, Liar Wrinkle Cheater™ is proudly vegan, cruelty-free and made from 100% natural ingredients. Even our box is made from post-consumer waste and printed with vegetable based ink in an effort to be as sustainable as possible

Why Liar? Early trial participants consistently reported that friends and family couldn't believe they had gotten the results they had from a 100% plant-based product- the serum seemed to be making a liar out of them. Thus, the name "Liar Wrinkle Cheater™" was born to disrupt traditional synthetic beauty standards and make an honest woman out of you. 

Looking forward, our mission is to spread the honest word that nature has provided all the tools we need to combat the signs of ageing- our job is simply to find them. Because the truth is, while we may not have to always act our age, we can certainly own it. 


Core Products

Des Vu Wet & Dry Luxe Foot Pedi
$80 rrp
Includes 2 different rollers, roller cover, cleaning brush and USB charge cord

At Des Vu we believe beauty starts at your top and ends at your toes. Just because we don’t show off our feet in Winter there’s nothing worse than the look and feel of dry, cracked heels and ugly calluses. And by the way calluses aren’t a sign of old age – most of us have them from exercising, running, gym work. They’re a natural part of life – but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with them. And we certainly don’t want to look at them.

The Des Vu Roller is so easy to use. Just select the density of the roller depending on the severity of the calluses and rough skin, turn it on and gently rub all over your feet – paying special attention to the yukky rough bits. And the best thing is you can use the roller on dry feet when you’re just sitting around, or after your shower or bath when your feet are wet. There’s even a light so you can see right up close!

The Body Brush
$42 rrp

If you haven’t discovered dry brushing you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on. For centuries the Egyptians have been doing it, the Romans and Greeks have been doing it. And now we’re all doing it! 

Dry brushing is the ultimate detox for our skin. By brushing once or even twice a day, not only will your skin feel amazingly soft and silky, but you’re actually brushing away all those dead skin cells, and help prevent in grown hairs and break outs, tone and sculpt your skin and even stimulate your lymphatic system. 

As well, dry brushing is one of those rare things that feels just as good when you do it yourself as when someone else does it to you. Imagine the feeling of someone dry brushing your back. Bliss.


Maestro Halo Mirror
$52 rrp

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? You of course! And you’ve never looked better than with the Maestro Halo Mirror. Not only is it big enough to see more of you, it’s also got an adjustable light so you can super bright or soft and low. You won’t miss a thing with this mirror. No streaky makeup, no blobs of mascara, and no more breakouts you don’t know about before everyone else does. And because it’s USB charged you can take it anywhere anytime. Oh and apparently it’s become a favourite with Instagrammers filming their stories.

Beautaniq Beauty UK
Fill & Tame Brow Gel
$15 rrp

It’s all about the brows. Brilliantly sculptured, perfectly filled in, thick eyebrows are the must have beauty accessory - and they’re easier to achieve than you think.

Our Beautaniq Beauty all-in-one brow mascara is a super lightweight, water based formula (so it’s easy to remove) brow gel with Aloe Vera so as well as making your brows look professionally done will also keep your eyebrows healthy too. And the gel won’t flake or fade during the day. Just brush on a little for a light colour or keep building for a darker effect. Voila!


Phase Zero
Shifting Sands Highlighter
$26 rrp

It’s hard to choose what we love most about this highlighter. The beautifully pigmented, butter-soft powder or the compact size – perfect to keep in your handbag to touch up anytime. Or is it because it’s vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and sustainably built?

Whatever it is, Phase Zero highlighters get rave reviews worldwide and no wonder. Our buttery powder formula glides on like silk, resulting in skin that looks natural, healthy, and radiant. Formulated to work on top of foundation without disturbing the finish, can be layered for a sheer veil or an intense glow.

Dust onto the cheekbones for a sculpted glow, or buff all over to instantly brighten your complexion.


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