‘tis the subscription box is the collective mindset of two Melbourne born self-confessed health, beauty & lifestyle enthusiasts who experienced the subscription box phenomenon overseas and wondered why Australian women weren’t getting the same amazing experience here.

Delys Shelton, a fashion retailer and wholesaler, and Liz Hoyle a PR and marketing head - between them a wealth of experience - started scouring the Australian market for a subscription box which met all their needs. They wanted quality, on trend full size products, at significantly reduced prices, products they could customise - in a beautiful looking box - delivered to their door. They came up empty handed and so ‘tis the box concept was born.

From conception to launch was a whirlwind of meetings with local manufacturers, importers, exporters, designers, marketing people, photographers, models, Influencers, IT gurus, freight companies, paper and cardboard box companies – everyone who would one day play a role in bringing ‘tis the box to Australian women.

At the front of everyone’s minds was always – the box – which had to be conceptually beautiful as well as useful. Something which women could keep and use again.

Then there were the products inside. Each one had to be aspirational as well as genuinely useful, and complement the other products in the box. The end result was a bit like one big, beautiful goodie box filled with everything a woman could want in one season. At less than a quarter of the retail price and with customisation.

And so ‘tis the box was launched in May 2020 with the winter box. The enthusiasm around the box has been overwhelming from Influencers, Media and most importantly of all from our Customers. Women like us who have been looking for a subscription box which covers all their health, beauty & lifestyle needs. At a great price and with amazing subscription benefits. More about that later…