Porvadi Jet Series Portable Blender


This small but powerful blender with its sleek design can do upwards of 30 blends on a single charge. The powerful 120 watt motor can blend fruits and vegetables all the way through to nuts and ice.

Built with a big 3,600 mAh battery, the Porvadi Jet Portable Blender also has an inbuilt Powerbank, allowing you to charge your USB devices, such as mobile phones, blue tooth speakers and more.

Its single button operation makes this portable blender quick and super easy to use. The inbuilt safety trigger mechanism ensures that this blender will only operate when it is fully assembled correctly and safely. This portable blender has been fully tested and complies with Australian standards.

Made with high-quality food grade materials and featuring a durable, stainless steel 6 blade design, this portable blender makes smoothies, shakes, cocktails, and baby food with ease. Coupled with its portable design, the Porvadi Portable Jet Blender is made to go anywhere, anytime. Holds 380ml capacity.


See Porvadi Jet Portable Blender Instruction Guide.
Tip: For best results shake gently during blending.
1 Year Warranty