Des Vu Humidifier

$35 $95

$95 rrp
Capacity 1 Litre. Includes USB charger cord.

A safe and natural way to experience the benefits of pure essential oils, the Des Vu Humidifier will release a fine mist of water and oils into the air.  

Featuring a generous 1 litre capacity and double nozzle, you can adjust the settings to run on a continuous or intermittent stream.

Also features a soft night light making it ideal for children’s rooms or to run all night long.

Conveniently USB charged.


Connect power with supplied USB charger cord. Fill container with clean water to 90% capacity. Add 2-3 drops essential oils if you choose – optional. Close lid and wait a few moments for cotton filters to absorb water.

Two Spray Options:

  1. For continuous spray long press button. To turn off long spray press button again. Light will automatically come on.

  2. For 10 second on/off spray short press button. To turn off short spray press button again.