Celderma Marine Collagen Hydrogel Masks

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Pack of 3 each containing 25ml of collagen gel.

Highly concentrated Marine Collagen Mask specially formulated with Hydrogel to strengthen the skin barrier and improve elasticity.

Unlike traditional sheet masks which are made from cotton or paper saturated with various skincare ingredients, Collagen Hydrogel face masks have a thicker, gel-like texture. Because of the molecular makeup of the material, it can hold up to 500 times its weight in liquids whilst securely adhering to your skin allowing it to sip every last drop of nourishment.

Hydrogel has long been used in the medical industry to clean, protect, and heal wounds.

For best results simple peel the mask from the package and fit snugly over the face. Use a gemstone roller over the mask to physically press the serum deeper into the skin for ultimate absorption.


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To be applied after cleansing and toning. Gently remove mask from packet. Unfold mask starting from the upper to the lower. Centre the upper part of the mask to your face first, gently positioning around the eyes and nose. Then unfold lower part around your lips. Both sides can be used. After 20-40 minutes remove the mask. For best results gently massage remaining nutrients into your skin with your fingertips or quartz roller.