The Wellness Box - Save over 75%

$69.95 $321

Contains 5 products in each box.

DES VU Exfoliating Glove Sponge -$25 rrp

Stimulate and resurface your skin with the Des Vu Exfoliating Glove Sponge. Use in the shower with or without your favourite gel or soap. Massage in circular movements to stimulate and refresh your skin. 

Celderma Blueberry Masks - $36 rrp

These rich, nourishing gel masks are packed with highly concentrated antioxidant  blueberries, which protect against premature signs of ageing, increase elasticity and collagen production. Also, neutralise oil levels, prevent breakouts, and even out skin tone leaving your skin feeling more elastic, hydrated and glowing.

Des Vu Humidifier - $95 rrp

Capacity 1 Litre. Includes USB charger cord.

A safe and natural way to experience the benefits of pure essential oils, the Des Vu Humidifier will release a fine mist of water and oils into the air.  

Featuring a generous 1 litre capacity and double nozzle, you can adjust the settings to run on a continuous or intermittent stream.

Also features a soft night light making it ideal for children’s rooms or to run all night long.

Conveniently USB charged.

MAESTRO Silk Hair Band - $60 rrp

Add some glamour to your skincare routine with the Maestro Pure Silk Hair Band. Simply wrap around your hairline and fasten securely to keep your hair off your face while you apply your skincare. Specially designed from 16 momme silk to prevent absorption and protect your hair.

Des Vu Sonic Toothbrush - $105rrp

So much more than a toothbrush, the Des Vu Sonic Toothbrush is a complete oral care solution. Featuring Sonic Pulse Technology and revolutionary Silicone Bristles, the Des Vu Sonic is the gentlest, most hygienic electric toothbrush available for your teeth and tongue.